David Arnold

David Arnold ( born January 23, 1962 in Luton ) is an English film score composer. Arnold is married and lives in London, England.


His first major film music composer Arnold Stargate and Independence Day, which he achieved by using a large romantic orchestral apparatus breakthrough in Hollywood. His originally purely symphonic, later strongly colored music made ​​electronically, for example, for the background music of all James Bond films since 1997 ( Tomorrow Never Dies ) and 2008 ( Quantum of Solace ).

He experimented with recording techniques. So he wrote a composition in reverse, let an orchestra the music first then import and then turned these recordings on the computer again by. So an orchestra sound was subtly away from the ordinary.

His main orchestrators heard Nicholas Dodd, whose sound style can be heard in all of film music David Arnold.

Since 1995, Arnold has won a total of ten awards with at the BMI Film & TV Awards. In 1997, he won the Grammy for his music for Independence Day.

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