David Ball (musician)

David "Dave" Ball ( May 3, 1959 in Blackpool, Lancashire ) is a British producer and musician. On album covers David Ball is commonly referred to as Dave Ball.

Together with Marc Almond he founded in September 1980, the band Soft Cell. To their great successes include, inter alia, Tainted Love (1981).

Together with his wife Gini Ball and Marc Almond had a ball in 1982 and on the first LP of the British Industrial cult band Psychic TV.


David Ball studied at Leeds Polytechnic Fine Arts University, now Leeds Metropolitan University, and experimented at the time with electronic sound production and synthesizers. There he met his fellow students Marc Almond, inspired by the avant-garde Balls unique recordings of electronically generated sounds, Ball asked to assist in the development of music for its artistic performances.

The two measures - funded by ball - a single titled Mutant Moments with four musical selections on what they earned a contract with the small label Some Bizzare Records. In cooperation with Almond, who was both lead singer and the main author of the lyrics at the time, resulted in the short term with the cover version of Gloria Jones ' Tainted Love a huge success, which became the number - one hit in seventeen different countries, in the United States climbed to number 8 and 43 weeks remained in the charts. It was at that time a guided in the Guinness Book record for a long-lasting and very high listing in the sales charts. In the UK it was the best-selling single since 1980.

Soft Cell remained one of the most important and successful music groups in the UK, followed by a series of singles, all of which landed in the UK Top 5. Two other albums that had been arranged by Ball, were very successful in the UK also. In 1983, the duo split and began to pursue solo careers in Sodom just before release of their third album, This Last Night.

Ball prepared soon before the release of the solo album, In Strict pace at which he worked with Gavin Friday of the Virgin Prunes The Genesis P. Orridge and of Throbbing Gristle. Then he devoted himself with producer Ingo Vauk and his collaborator Richard Norris of electronic dance music, Ball formed, along with Norris the techno group The Grid, which has been successful with the Millionenhit Swamp Thing. The Grid also played remixes by such greats as Brian Eno, Erasure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Happy Mondays, Carter USM, David Sylvian & Robert Fripp, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Sophie B. Hawkins and many others.

1991 was Soft Cell for three tracks on the album Tenement Symphony under the name Marc Almond Feat. The Grid together again. The Grid also played Billie Ray Martin's million-selling single Your Loving Arms. Norris worked with Joe Strummer of the Clash, while ball with his partner Ingo Vauk wrote songs for Kylie Minogue and this also produced. Ball was the songwriting, remixing and producing artists such as B- 52s, Depeche Mode, Man Parrish, client, Soft Cell, Jackie Chan faithful and is currently working with Andy Smith of Portishead and Misty Woods of JuJu Babies together.

In 2003, Soft Cell came together again and released the album Cruelty Without Beauty, again produced by Ingo Vauk.