David Bamberg

David Bamberg ( born February 19, 1904 in Derby, † August 19 1974 in Buenos Aires, full name David Tobias Theodore Bamberg) was an English- American magician with the stage name of Fu Manchu.


David Bamberg came from the son of Theo Bamberg ( stage name Okito ) from the magician family Bamberg, who had already produced several generations of magicians; David Bamberg went out the continuous series in the sixth generation. Bamberg was born in England and came at a young age in the United States, where he was naturalized in 1916 automatically, when his father was a U.S. citizen.

Bamberg professional stage career began in 1917 at the mentalists Julius Zancig he supported as Syko the Psychic. Later Bamberg traveled with the magician Maurice Raymond.

On March 1, 1929 Bamberg was in Buenos Aires his debut as Fu Manchu, as his father which he appeared as in an oriental costume. For copyright reasons he was called in the U.S. Fu Chan.

Along with Edmund Spreer Bamberg invented numerous illusions.

In the 1940s, David T. Bamberg played as Fu Manchu in six Mexican films for which he also wrote screenplays for lack of suitable to the script itself. In the coming of the year 2000 documentation Heroes of Magic Bamberg is shown in archival footage.

Bamberg died in Buenos Aires. His ashes were scattered on the Rio de la Plata. David Bamberg's son continued the family tradition as a magician discontinued.

Bamberg has a place in the Hall of Fame of the Society of American Magicians today.


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