David Butler (American politician)

David C. Butler ( * December 16, 1829 in Bloomington, Indiana, † May 25 1891 in Pawnee City, Nebraska ) was an American politician and 1867-1871, the first governor of Nebraska. He is still the only governor of this state, who was relieved of his duties.

Early years and political rise

David Butler attended the local schools of his home. In 1859 he moved to Pawnee City, Nebraska Territory, where he dealt with livestock and craft activities. Since 1861, he was politically active. In that year he was elected to the Parliament of the territory. In 1864 he was a member of the Governing Council. After it became clear in 1866, the accession of territory to the United States and a constitution was drawn up, the first regular election for governor were advertised.

Governor of Nebraska

David Butler was nominated by the Republican Party for the office and sat down with 50:49 percent of the vote against by the Territorial Governor Julius Sterling Morton. In the years 1868 and 1870 he was confirmed in each case in his office. During his reign the railway was driven in Nebraska. Other measures to improve the infrastructure have been taken. It was the first public university in the new state and an agricultural school. In addition, the capital city of Omaha was moved to Lincoln. Shortly after beginning his third term in the spring of 1871, voices were raised, the. Governor embezzlement of state funds accused The Supreme Court suspended the then governor of his office until the legal clarification of the case. After he was found guilty on this point, Butler had to finally give up on June 2, 1871 his office.

Further CV

In 1882, he sat for a term in the Senate from Nebraska. This was only possible after his offenses had been deleted in 1877 from the files. After that, Butler withdrew into private life. He died in May 1891, was buried in Pawnee City. David Butler was married twice and had eight children.