David Eckstein

  • 2x MLB All- Star Game (2005, 2006)
  • 2x World Series champion (2002, 2006)
  • World Series MVP in 2006
  • Babe Ruth Award 2006
  • Holiday Inn Look Again Player of the Year 2006

David Mark Eckstein ( born January 20, 1975 in Sanford, Florida) is an American professional baseball player in Major League Baseball.

He made his debut in 2001 with the Anaheim Angels. For the so-called " halos " Eckstein played until the season 2004. 2002 he won with the Angels World Series in 2002 against the San Francisco Giants.

From 2005, the cornerstone was for the history, the club from the city of the Gateway Arch, St. Louis Cardinals, active. In 2006 he was again able to win the World Series and was even voted the MVP of the World Series.

In the 2008 season as the cornerstone moved to the Toronto Blue Jays. On 31 August 2008 pitcher Chad Beck was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for minor league.

Since the beginning of the 2009 season Eckstein plays for the San Diego Padres.

It is estimated Eckstein in the U.S. trade world mainly because of its "Fighting Spirits", as well as his skills as a leadoff hitter (a few strikeouts many bases on balls ). Also on the defensive as he plays shortstop a solid ball