David Fumanelli

David Fumanelli (* April 21, 1992 in Milan ) is an Italian race car driver. He joined in 2012 and 2013 in the GP3 Series.


Fumanelli began his motorsport career in 2008 in Formula racing. For RP Motorsport, he raced in the Italian Formula Renault and was 25th in the driver standings. In addition, he participated in two race weekends of the Spanish Formula 3 Championship. In 2009, he joined the full season in the championship, which is now the European F3 Open was on. Fumanelli remained without points in the first half of the season. In the second half of the season he was able to increase and he did not come in only two races in the points. In addition, he decided two races for themselves. While his teammate Stefano Bizzarri was third overall, Fumanelli achieved eighth place in the drivers' standings. In addition, he started to two events of the Italian Formula 3 Championship and remained there without points.

2010 remained at Fumanelli RP Motorsport in the European F3 Open. He won three races and finished the season level on points with second-placed Callum MacLeod on the third championship course. Internal team he won against all teammates. In addition, he took for RP Motorsport once again participate in a meeting of the Italian Formula 3. 2011 Fumanelli denied his third full season in the European F3 Open. With four wins Fumanelli this year was the driver who had decided the most races for themselves. In the overall standings, he was beaten Alex Fontana with 115 to 120 points, however. As in previous years, he started to an Italian Formula 3 event.

2012 Fumanelli went for MW Arden in the GP3 Series at the start. He scored a third place as best result. In contrast to his team-mate Mitch Evans and Matias Laine Fumanelli remained without a win. While Evans won the championship title, was Fumanelli eleventh in the drivers' standings. For the 2013 season changed Fumanelli within the GP3 Series at Trident. His only points placement succeeded with a seventh place in the season opener. On the last weekend he was no longer used. While his teammate Giovanni Venturini won a race and finished 15th place, was Fumanelli 19th in the driver standings.


Career stations

  • 2008: Italian Formula Renault ( 25th place )
  • 2008: Spanish Formula 3 ( # 31 )
  • 2009: European F3 Open ( 8th place)
  • 2009: Italian Formula 3 ( 22nd place)
  • 2010: European F3 Open ( 3rd place)
  • 2010: Italian Formula 3 ( 20th place )
  • 2011: European F3 Open ( 2nd place)
  • 2011: Italian Formula 3 ( 18th place)
  • 2012: GP3 Series ( No. 11 )
  • 2013: GP3 Series ( No. 19 )

Individual results in the GP3 Series