David H. Ahl

David H. Ahl ( born May 17, 1939) is an American writer and the founder of the computer magazine Creative Computing. Furthermore, he is the author of many technical books. Particularly well known he was through his book series Basic Computer Games, which appeared as a German BASIC computer games in the early 1980s in the Sybex publishing. The series was the first book about computers that was sold over a million copies.


Ahl has a BEE degree from Cornell University ( Ithaca ), an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University ( Pittsburgh) and completed a postgraduate degree in Education at the University of Pittsburgh.

Two years he worked in a security department of the U.S. Army. Followed by four years at Management Science Associates Working on computer models. Ahl continued his work in the field of computer analysis of continued research at the Department of Education systems. In 1970 he joined the staff at the computer company Digital Equipment Corporation. There he worked as Manager of the education department and formulated a concept of an educational computer system. In 1974 he went as a sales manager for the education market to AT & T and later rose to the manager for the sale of communications. In addition, he founded the Society Creative Computing towards the end of 1974. As Creative Computing grew Ahl AT & T left in 1978 and care exclusively for the magazine.

In 1981, he commissioned David Lubar, with the BASIC program Roller Coaster, which also appeared in this journal, to link a laser disc movie with a computer game.