David LaFlamme

David LaFlamme ( born May 4, 1941 in New Britain, Connecticut ) is an American musician. The skirt was a violinist from the end of the 1960s, popular with the West Coast rock band It's a Beautiful Day.


At age five he began to play the violin, which he did later for the Utah Symphony Orchestra. After his military service, he came to California in 1962 in the vicinity of San Francisco. There he became an icon in the underground scene, appeared in the jazz ensemble of John Handy and played along with former rock greats like Jerry Garcia or Janis Joplin. After playing for a short time at the Electric Chamber Orkustra, he was co-founder of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks.

In 1967, he finally founded It's a Beautiful Day, which among other things also starred his future first wife Linda. Briefly, the band had recorded good record sales. However, after this went back, left LaFlamme 1972 the band. For a short time he had a band called Edge City. In 1973 he met the singer Linda Baker, with whom he moved back to Salt Lake City in 1980 and whom he married in 1982. On Amherst Records released in the late seventies two solo albums by him: White Bird (1977) and Inside Out (1978). He also played at this time as a solo violinist live, which brought him very little success. When in 1978 a new, short-lived band formed, he called it so It Was A Beautiful Day.

LaFlamme also was also active as a studio musician, he played for example in 1988 on Tracy Chapman's debut album. 1996 there was a reunion of It's a Beautiful Day with LaFlamme, but not even spawned an album. 2003 then appeared yet another solo production of the violinist in the form of Beyond Dreams.