David Lindley (musician)

David Lindley ( born March 21, 1944 in San Marino, California) is an American multi-instrumentalist and singer, whether his often colorful and deliberately little tastefully combined clothing also received the nickname " Prince of Polyester ".

At 14 he started to learn guitar; as a teenager he played banjo and fiddle and won several times the Topanga Canyon Banjo and Fiddle Contest.

In 1966 he founded together with Chris Darrow, the group Kaleidoscope and made the pop music world was still unusual stringed instruments such as oud and saz known. The great commercial success did not materialize.

From 1971 to 1980 he was a band leader and guitarist of the band from Jackson Browne. Lindley's game on the steel guitar was a creative style element of this band. He then formed his own band El Rayo -X.

After problems with record companies Lindley began his plates to market themselves and went from then mostly alone or with only one companion, even regularly in Germany, on tour. In 2006, he did this with Jackson Browne.

With the percussionist Hani Naser born in Jordan, he took up to 1990 plates, including Official Bootleg. Then he was with Wally Ingram, also a percussionist, traveling, playing, among others the plate Twango Bango Deluxe one.

Incidentally Lindley works much as a studio musician. So he took with Ry Cooder albums Bop Till You Drop and The Long Riders, with Bob Dylan Album Under the Red Sky, with Iggy Pop album Brick By Brick, between 1975 and 1995 four albums with Rod Stewart and Henry Kaiser albums A World out of Time ( in Madagascar) and The Sweet Sunny North on ( in Norway).

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