David Macaulay

David Macaulay ( born December 2, 1946 in Lancashire, England ) is an American architect, art historian and graphic designer. He was known by numerous children's books, in which he explains historical themes pictorially.


In 1957 his parents moved to the United States, where he grew up in Bloomfield, New Jersey. There he soon began to draw.

He began training at the Rhode Iceland School of Design, where he received a bachelor's degree in architecture. It was followed by five years of study in a funding program, which he spent in Rome, Herculaneum and Pompeii.

For a short time he subsequently worked as an interior designer and high-school teacher and began writing and illustrating books. In 1973 he published his first book, Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction (Eng. They built a cathedral ), in which he vividly described the genesis of medieval cathedrals. Following the same principle appeared in the episode the books on the origins of Roman cities, the pyramids and the construction of medieval castles. The series he sat intermittently with the books continued over a mill in New England and a mosque.

The technical topics fascinated Macaulay since his early youth, and with the 1983 published book Underground he told children how the technology under a big city and 1988 in The Way Things Work, as the world of machines working. For this book, he received the 1990 Science Writing Award from the American Institute of Physics. In his latest work, " says " he graphically the anatomy of man.

His books have been translated into twelve languages. Cathedral, City, Pyramid and Castle have been adapted for television and he won a variety of awards, including the German Youth Literature Prize.

A retrospective of his work was first shown in 2004 at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass.. , And the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers. 2007/ 08 he was at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC the exhibition The Art of Drawing Architecture of the American Society of Civil Engineers dedicated.

David Macaulay teaches at the Rhode Iceland School of Design. He lives with his family in Norwich, Vermont.

2005 he was a MacArthur Fellow.



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