David Starr Jordan

David Starr Jordan ( born January 19, 1851 Wyoming County, New York, † September 19, 1931 in Stanford, California ) was an American zoologist, ichthyologist, botanist, eugenicists and peace activist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " DSJord. ".


Jordan was born in 1851 into a peasant family in Wyoming County, New York. In 1866 he went as a student at the newly founded Cornell University in Ithaca and earned a master's degree there in 1872. Since the beginning of 1870 he had there a lectureship in botany. End of 1872, he moved to Indianapolis and graduated in 1875 at the Indiana Medical College Doctor of Medicine. In 1878 he was commissioned by the Butler University a further doctorate (PhD). In the same year he was appointed professor of Natural Science at Indiana University. In 1885 he became president of the university. In 1891 he became the first president of Stanford University. In 1913 he moved to the post of Chancellor University to have more time for his peace activities. Jordan went in 1916 to retire.


  • Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern United States ( 1876)
  • Imperial Democracy ( 1898)
  • Life's enthusiasms (1906 )
  • War and the Breed: The Relation of War to the Downfall of Nations. (Boston 1915)
  • Days of a Man ( 1922) - autobiography
  • The Blood of the Nation (1902 )
  • War and Waste (1913 )
  • Ways of Lasting Peace (1916 )
  • Democracy and World Relations (1918 )
  • Shore Fishes of Hawaii


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