DAW is an acronym for:

  • Academy of Sciences of the GDR until 1972 as the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin, was the most important research institution in the GDR
  • German - Asian Business Circle, based in Frankfurt am Main Association for the promotion of economic relations between the countries of Asia and Germany
  • German Amphibolin works of Robert Murjahn Stiftung & Co KG, today holding company of the Caparol Group
  • German Armaments Works, former defense companies, Germans in the Nazi Reich, operated by the SS headquarters in Berlin
  • Digital- to-analog converter for converting digital to analog signals
  • Digital audio workstation, computer-aided system for sound recording, music production, mixing and mastering
  • Division for the Advancement of Women UN Women, New York, USA

Daw stands for:

  • Salutation formula for an adult woman in the Burmese language
  • Place in Upper Egypt - Gebel Adda see
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  • Abbreviation