DB (car)

Automobiles DB, also called German & German Bonnet and Bonnet et, was a French manufacturer of automobiles ..

Company History

Charles inherited a German automobile workshop of his father and sold it in 1932 to René Bonnet. In 1938 she founded together in Champigny -sur -Marne, the company Automobiles DB for automobile production. One source indicates that German was only unofficially involved, as he had as a civil servant no right to participate in a company. The brand name denominated D. B. and German & Bonnet. Only after the Second World War arose road vehicles. 1961 separated the partners and the company broke up. German then founded Automobiles Charles Bonnet and German Automobiles René Bonnet.

Rolling stock

The enterprises established lightweight sports cars with fiberglass bodies, most of which were driven by Panhard boxer engines. DB was deeply involved in competitions, especially the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Charles German engineered some bodies with very efficient aerodynamics, which despite its small Panhard boxer engine helped the DB race car at high speeds.

German and Bonnet were in constant discussion about whether they should build vehicles with front wheel drive or mid-engined.