DB Schenker

DB Schenker is in December 2007, in addition to DB Bahn and DB networks, one of the three brands of Deutsche Bahn AG and includes all transport and logistics services of the DB Group.

The resort DB Schenker consists of two business segments:

  • DB Schenker Rail, led by DB Schenker Rail GmbH, and
  • DB Schenker Logistics, led by Schenker AG.

DB Schenker Logistics has three business units: land transportation is for the European land transport, Air / Ocean Freight Global Air and Ocean Freight and Contract Logistics / SCM for contract logistics, so long-term cooperation with trade and industry, responsible.

DB Schenker Rail is the business segment for the rail freight Deutsche Bahn AG, in which DB has bundled all national and European transport activities on the rail. DB Schenker Rail is divided into regionally structured business units West ( Britain, France, Spain and Portugal), Central ( Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy) and East ( Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Belarus ) and the cross-regional units Automotive ( with the companies DB Schenker rail Automotive GmbH and Transfesa ) and Intermodal ( for combined transport, are the long journey by rail and pre-and post on the road back down ).

In his biography Hartmut Mehdorn justifies the acquisitions abroad with requirements of rail freight customers. An analysis had revealed in 2000 that the company's 200 most valuable customers supplied up to 60 percent of their cargo abroad. Since the core area of ​​the railway was in Germany, they had lost customers to competitors that had been there in a better position. For an independent growth in these markets, the time was lacking.

2013 DB Schenker received the Worldstar Packaging Award from the World Packaging Organization for a particularly safe reusable transport packaging as well as the Daimler Supplier Award for contract logistics for outstanding logistics services .. Both prizes are awarded each year.

In July 2010, the decision was made that as of 2013, the Board transport and logistics sector, belonging to the DB Schenker, is moving to a center at Gateway Gardens in Frankfurt am Main. So far, this distributed on Berlin, Essen, Mainz and smaller sites in Frankfurt. In August 2013, finally moved into DB Schenker with around 500 employees, some of whom were moved from other locations, nine of the 15 floors of the skyscraper project Alpha Rotex at Frankfurt Airport.