DBA (airline)

Dba ( dba actually aviation mbH, had previously been temporarily German BA) was a German airline based in Munich and based on the Munich airport. It operated intermittently as a low cost airline and was most recently a subsidiary of Air Berlin, after previously British Airways ( BA) had been shareholders.


Delta Air

In April 1978, the airline was founded as Delta Air based in Friedrichshafen by entrepreneur Alfred Schopp. The first targets were Zurich and Stuttgart. Was flown with a DHC- 6 Twin Otter, 1982 and 1988 ever came a Fairchild Metroliner III added. 1982 was a partnership with Delta Air Crossair one. In 1984, the network traffic by Dornier between Friedrichshafen and Oberpfaffenhofen was operated with a Do 228. 1985 Delta Air into a limited company with the shareholders of Friedrich von Bohlen und Halbach ( 59%) and Crossair was converted (40 %).

1987 Delta Air was awarded the right to operate scheduled flights in 1988 was followed by a cooperation with Lufthansa. More and more airports in Germany were flown from Friedrichshafen from, for example, Bremen, Frankfurt, Cologne / Bonn and Berlin -Tempelhof. As planes came machines Saab 340 used.

German BA

In 1992, British Airways 49 % of the shares of Delta Air after negotiations on a cooperation agreement with Germania and Aero Lloyd had failed. As for the implementation of domestic flights a German majority of capital was necessary, kept the Commerzbank ( 19%), Bayerische Vereinsbank and Berliner Bank (16% ) additional shares. On May 5, the airline BA German aviation mbh has been renamed. The British airline tried thus to enter the German market and strengthen at the same time with a shuttle service from all airports in Germany from its international scheduled flights from London. In the same year the first Boeing 737-300 were added. Inner German flights of the Berlin transport were performed for British Airways. In 1993, the German BA charter flights for German tour operator to Greece, Spain, Ireland and Turkey.

In 1994, the company moved its headquarters and Jettechnik the new Munich Airport. In 1998 the fleet was unified, and there were only Boeing 737-300 used. In addition, the design of the aircraft was adapted to the British Airways fleet. The German BA was chosen by readers of the magazine Capital for the second time in a row for best and most punctual airline and the airline with the best service.

As part of the liberalization of the European air space in 1997 and 1998 Bayerische Vereinsbank, Commerzbank and Berliner Bank sold its shares in the company controlled by British Airways Holding.

With the start of the new fiscal year 2002, the German BA tried to position on individual routes as budget airline among others the abolition of the frequent flyer program and predatory pricing. Simultaneously acquired easyJet valid until mid-2003 purchase option.


On 2 June 2003, British Airways sold its shares for one euro to the Intro Verwaltungs GmbH textile entrepreneur Hans Rudolf Wöhrl. The original goal of creating an intensive shuttle service for international lines from London and to achieve a more profitable line of traffic as competition to Lufthansa, had not been reached. Already in April 2004 got the dba with Martin Gauss and Peter Wojahn new Managing Director, as Wöhrl joined the Supervisory Board. With Wöhrl as the owner of the airline wrote in fiscal year 2004/2005 for the first time since its inception in the black.

From 28 March, involved until 1 July 2005, the competitors gexx ( for Germania Express, today again Germania ) with 64 percent of dba. During this period twelve Fokker 100 and 15 routes were transferred by the gexx Wetleasing (aircraft, pilots, flight attendants, technicians ) to dba. Thus dba was with 27 aircraft and up to 180 daily flights to Germany's third largest scheduled airline.

In February 2006, dba doubled its shareholders equity now 20 million euros. Hans Rudolf Wöhrl was now 59.9 percent by the in his possession Intro Verwaltungs GmbH principal owner, Lutz Helmig (founder of the Helios -Kliniken ) acquired, through its Aton GmbH 25.1 percent of the shares. The two dba CEO Martin Gauss ( Magau GmbH ) and Peter Wojahn ( PIWOH GmbH) were involved, each with 7.5 percent in the company.

On 17 February 2006 Wöhrl announced the acquisition of 60 percent the proportion of LTU. Both airlines should cooperate closely with the route network to Wöhrls plans - dba should the national, LTU service the international goals.

Takeover by Air Berlin

As Hans Rudolf Wöhrl, majority owner of dba owner Intro Verwaltungs GmbH announced on August 17, 2006, he sold to the competing dba Air Berlin of Joachim Hunold. The purchase price was, according to sources, ( net) " a mid double-digit million amount " (FAZ ) and 120 million euros. The purchase price was paid with cash of Air Berlin. Together, the two airlines were at this time on a passenger volume of 20 million passengers. The Company dba should be initially made ​​under the leadership of CEO dba Martin Gauss and Peter Wojahn. The flight schedules of the two companies were matched with the summer timetable 2007.

As of April 2007, the dba brand first then disappeared into the outer appearance, the company introduced at this point flights only in the name and brand identity by Air Berlin. 2008 it was announced that the management of dba am resolved within the framework of cost-cutting measures by Air Berlin. Finally dba should completely cease flying initially on 30 November 2008, but Air Berlin withdrew after a strike of flight attendants already 14 November all flight jobs.


The dba served mainly domestic German routes and in this case the airports of Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne / Bonn, Leipzig / Halle, Dresden, Stuttgart, Munich, Münster / Osnabrück, Bremen, Karlsruhe / Baden -Baden, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and also internationally Nice, Moscow, Thessaloniki, Pristina, Athens, Rome, Rimini and Paris -Orly.


For adjustment of air operations dba operation up to 22 Boeing 737