DBA is an abbreviation for:

  • Data Base Access
  • Data Base Agent
  • DBA ( database administrator english )
  • Database abstraction layer, a software that allows access to the database is abstracted from the application, so you can choose between several products without changing the code
  • De Bellis Antiquitatis, a tabletop control system
  • Deafblind Association
  • Design basis accident, Eng. Synonym for design basis accident ( " MCA ") in a nuclear facility
  • German Baseball Academy (founded 2002)
  • German School of Architecture, School of Architecture from 1973 to the GDR ( founded in 1951 )
  • German Federal Act, was an international treaty and the first federal "constitutional law " about the founding of the German Federal
  • German pressure vessel committee
  • German Biographical Archive, a collection started by the publisher KG Saur collection of biographies from earlier biographical reference works
  • Diaconal district committee decision-making committee of a district church / church district of the diaconal work overlooks
  • Diamond - Blackfan anemia, a severe chronic anemia
  • Service for special tasks, a Swiss news service
  • Digital Broadcasting Australia
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doing business as
  • Double Taxation Agreement
  • Double Bass Array
  • Three -letter abbreviation, common nowadays the most common and popular form of abbreviations in the technical environment, and especially in English also in common usage
  • Pressure ventilation systems
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation ( Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation )
  • Damba Airport, after the IATA code

DBA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Poland: powiat Wałbrzyski in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship ( discontinued)

DB -A stands for:

  • Bolchowitinow DB -A, was a Soviet heavy bomber

DB ( A) is erroneously used to refer to A-weighted sound pressure level. Correct the value is in dB, A-weighting shall be clearly identified in the designation of the measured variable as an index A.

Dba stands for:

  • Dba (band), British Dance-/Electronic-Formation
  • Dba (Airline ), formerly German BA, former German scheduled airline based in Munich before becoming a subsidiary of Air Berlin
  • German Federal Association of respiratory, speech and voice teacher / inside eV, Hamburg
  • Dibenzylidenacetone, organic chemical compound, one of the ketones

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