DBAG Class 128

The 12X is built by AEG in 1994, experimental and demonstrator. These test patterns locomotive of the Deutsche Bahn was left in a row to extensive trials. In the DB the machine was classifiable under the series designation 128 series, but remained in the AEG- owned. It was during the construction of the locomotive to a possible successor Series Series 120 Hence the name " 12X ", where X stands for a number between 1 and 9. After extensive testing and numerous reconstructions it was from the depot of the former DB Cargo (now DB Schenker Rail ) used in Nuremberg, came from there in the Adtranz Lokpool and was in the fall of 2000 for a short time by BASF in Ludwigshafen freight trains according to Ruhland and Basel used. She suffered soon after a defect, but was repaired and is now used as an experimental engine for testing new technologies. If necessary, however, it was also rented. The 12X was after the acquisition of Adtranz by Bombardier Transportation at the Bombardier Lokpool. On a chassis dynamometer, the 12X reached with the best smoothness and outstanding comfort 330 km / h

Many technical solutions to the 12X can be found today in the locomotives of Bombardier TRAXX family again (series 145, 146, 185 and 246).

The 12X (128 001) was initially an advertising label for AEG, then after that for UNICEF, Adtranz and finally Bombardier.

The 12X is the 100th anniversary of the village work Hennig (Bombardier ) returned to their original location on 16 September 2010. There, it was issued as part of celebrations for the duration of one week. It will then regained their original finish and remain as unroadworthy exhibit at the factory.


In H0 models of all labeling variants of Märklin offered - partly also in a DC version. In N scale there were models of Fleischmann and Minitrix.