DC ( Direct Connect ) is a free Windows client for the Direct Connect network.

Unlike the original DC can log in to multiple hubs. In newer versions (from 0700 ), especially the user interface has been redesigned.

DC is written in C , the original was created in Visual Basic.

The former site dcpp.net with forum and bug and feature tracker was closed due to DDoS attacks in March 2007.


Because the source code of DC is open, have been and are many modified versions of the program published:

  • LinuxDC Linux port of DC
  • ApexDC
  • BCDC
  • CZDC
  • IDC
  • Reverse Connect
  • StrongDC
  • FlylinkDC
  • EiskaltDC

A complete list, including non -maintained clients there on www.dslreports.com (English).