DC Shoes

DC Shoes ( Droors Clothing Shoe Co. USA) is a native of the United States clothing products manufacturer, which designs known products especially in the skate scene.


DC Shoes was founded in Vista, a small town in the San Diego area in California by Ken Block and Damon Way ( the elder brother of the famous skateboarder Danny Way ) 1993. A few years later they asked the accountant Clayton a Blehm, who was unemployed at the time. A dispute broke out due to various causes over the years between the founders and Blehm, which, however, was now complete.

Originally, the name of the company Eightball should have read when they were producing yet only T -shirts for skate shops. However, as already renamed a company from Seattle by that name, a new had to be found, which initially was Droors Clothing. Naughty advertising campaigns were the result, in which primarily on opinion leaders has been set. Since the sale of Droors the name is but now officially DC Shoes. 2004, the brand was acquired by Quiksilver. The marketing does not correspond since the takeover by Quiksilver philosophy of all transactions in the skateboard industry. 2009, the merchandise sales in Germany ( and Europe) from DC -Europe was adopted. The German sales Urban Supplies, which has sold there, and thus also established the brand, the distribution lost because of direct sales by DC Europe. Who have advertised as DC skateboard brand since the beginning and sold skateboard shops, had to watch as DC Europe began to expand the distribution network commercial.


For over 10 years, the company specializes in the manufacture of skate shoes, clothing and accessories. They were made by various DVDs, such as the 2003 DC published video, around the world known and can be found in catalogs such as Titus or ING and online stores such as skatedeluxe.

The three entrepreneurs set up several sub-contractors, such as Dub Snowboard Clothing, which manufactures products for the snowboard scene. A magazine called Blunt Snowboard Magazine was launched, which was soon sold to the Big Brother Magazine.

However, the DC is not limited to the skateboarding, but also manufactures clothes in motorcycle, snowboard and BMX.

DC also sponsors many pros such as Chris Cole, Rob Dyrdek, Travis Rice, Ken Block and Danny Way in 2003 the two world records ( Longest jump from a kicker: 20 m and the highest jump from a quarter pipe: 7.16 m BS Method aufstellte from the coping ) at Point X CAMP. In 2005, he jumped the first man with a skateboard on the Great Wall of China ( also about 20 m wide, 80 km / h ), and thus made ​​known DC Shoes.

Also with artists of René Kleen, Warner Music, such as Mike Shinoda, the vocalist, songwriter and producer of the band Linkin Park, specially designed pads were placed on the market.