DC Towers

44 (DC Tower 2 )

The DC Towers (actually Danube City Towers ) are two of the French architect Dominique Perrault in the Vienna Donau City planned and partially completed skyscrapers. The first of the two buildings, the DC Tower 1, was opened on 26 February 2014, the DC Tower 2 is still in the planning phase.

  • 2.1 2010
  • 2.2 2011
  • 2.3 construction since 2012 and future


The finished DC Tower 1 is 250 meters (without facade construction and antenna 220 meters) high, making it currently the tallest building in Austria. It exceeds now the Millennium Tower ( the tallest building in Austria with 252 meters remains of the Danube Tower).

DC Tower 2 is currently planned with 168 m and is therefore the fourth highest building in Vienna are. The start of construction was delayed several times - not least due to the global financial crisis - which is why the groundbreaking ceremony took place only on 17 June 2010. The construction of the Towers 1 is completed ( on the inner life is still under construction ), the construction of Towers 2 is carried erst

The design of the towers, designed by Dominique Perrault is done in cooperation with the Vienna office Hoffmann- Janz architects. A striking feature of both buildings is the stepwise shifted facade structure. In order to absorb lateral forces caused by wind, a 305 -ton pendulum was built between the 56th and 60th floor. As one of the first Austrian office towers of the DC Tower 1 was provided by the energy and sustainability requirements of the EU Commission for a "Green Building" certification by LEED.

Planned use ( DC Tower 1 )

Most floors are to be used as an office levels. The Baxter will be major tenants of office space. On the upper floors arise so-called Sky Lofts. In the lower 15 floors of the DC Tower is a four star hotel of the Spanish Sol Melia - group will move in one of the upper floors of a restaurant is set up. In June 2012, according to information provided by the project operator WED ( Vienna Development Corporation for the Danube region ) were rented just over 50 percent of the area.

  • Floors 1-15: hotel of the group Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts SA
  • Floor 2: John Harris Fitness Club
  • Floors 16-17: Building Services
  • Floors 18-42: Offices
  • Floors 43-44: Building Services
  • Floors 45-52:
  • Floors 53-56: two-storey dwellings
  • Floors 57-58: Restaurant, Skybar
  • Floors 59-60:



The first activities in the then vacant lot could be observed at the end of February 2010. The start of construction was finally on 17 June 2010. In November, the first stake holes were started and the first permanently mounted crane was used. In December, the construction of the foundation was already in full swing. By the end of the year was built only on the foundation.


In 2011, the most visible progress was made. End of March 2011, the construction was started in early April and the first subterranean floors were completed. End of April, the first above-ground floor was built and the concrete core assumed visible proportions. There were now five solid construction cranes working. Beginning of the month of June, the first fixed roof crane was mounted and movable weather protection was installed. In July you could the under construction DC Tower 1 is already visible from any higher buildings in Vienna from. That same month, the extreme left, the tower crane grow with the child, was attached to the building and the first freight elevator on the west side of the tower was installed. In August 2011, the concrete core disappeared in the growing building and the 13th floor was completed. Furthermore, we started with the high traction of the glass facade on the west - north - and south.

In September, started the construction of the glass façade on the east side of the building. Since then, the facade was indeed hoisted on all four sides of the tower to the wind and weather protection, but hardly Höhenbaufortschritt was seen. This was due to the Outrigger floors, which are intended to ensure the stability of the building. The end of November these floors were completed, but the weather protection since then grew by only one floor. Because of the expected opening date of the beginning of 2013 until at least the summer of 2013 has been postponed.

Construction since 2012 and future

As of spring 2012, there was again amounting growth. All 4.8 days of the Tower grew by a bullet. End of April 2012 was working on the 32nd floor, which marks about half the final height. On October 25 the same year, was already working on the 60th and last stage. According WED worked six days a week. At the tower two construction cranes were in use. They grew with the building. A was fixed to the outer skin, the other was placed in one of the elevator shafts. They were like all working elevators already been removed. In late summer 2013, the last façade elements were in assembly. On 19 September of the same year, finally, the 30 meter high antenna was placed in position by a special helicopter of the company Heliswiss. From the outside the building is thus regarded as completed.

2015 at the earliest to be made for the construction of DC Tower 2 was laid. This is significantly lower, which is also reflected in the different letters "DC " in the logo of the construction project, and it will complement the Tower 1 in that thrilling, as these are to each other turn their each only similar and complementary rugged side of the façade - the exciting image yielding, they would have been torn apart and shredded by it.