The abbreviation DC and D. C. (English DC) referred to:

In the field of computer and technology:

  • The English name for direct current direct current; it is also used for DC
  • Desk calculator, see dc ( Unix)
  • The English term diagnostic coverage in safety systems
  • Digital cash, see Electronic money
  • A centralized peer-to -peer system ( Direct Connect )
  • The domain controller that runs Windows
  • The English name for distributed computing Distributed Computing
  • The game console Dreamcast
  • Dual Core, a term used in processors technology
  • Data Center, a term used in IT
  • In information technology, the metadata vocabulary Dublin Core Element Set
  • In Search Engine Optimization the English name for duplicate content duplicate content or data center
  • Da capo, a performance instruction in music
  • In colorimetry the distance dC a color map of the black body curve in the CIE 1960 UCS color space.


  • District of Columbia, see Washington, D.C. ( postal abbreviation)
  • Departamento Cundinamarca
  • Donau City district of the city district of Vienna Danube
  • Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof ( according to DS 100)

Parties and groups:

  • German Christians
  • Christian Democrats, the former Christian Democratic Party of Italy
  • Croatian Party Demokratski Centar
  • Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Chile, a political party in Chile
  • Democratic Congress, a party in Lesotho

Number of people:

  • Botanical author abbreviation for Augustin- de Pyrame Candolle (1778-1841)
  • David Coulthard (born 1971 ), Scottish racing driver

Part or abbreviation of the company / business:

  • The oldest Diners Club Credit Card
  • The American comic book publisher DC Comics
  • The former auto giant DaimlerChrysler
  • The shoe company DC Shoes
  • The consulting firm Deloitte Consulting
  • Douglas Aircraft Company, used as an introductory letter in the name of passenger aircraft by McDonnell Douglas before the conversion of the shortcut to MD
  • The IATA code of the Swedish airline Golden Air

DC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Chester
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Czech Republic: Decin Okres, German: Děčín ( discontinued)


  • Chevrolet DC, a car model of 1934
  • Detective Conan, a detective manga series and an anime
  • Detective Constable, rank of the British police
  • Da capo, a musical statement to begin a piece from the front
  • The Brazilian newspaper Diário Catarinense
  • Development Committee (disambiguation ), a Ministerial Committee of the World Bank in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, respectively, an institution of the European Parliament
  • Dendritic cell, see Dendritic cell
  • TV channel Discovery Channel
  • In church history for the Nazis regimented German Christians
  • Religious symbol for Aryan doctrine
  • Prefix of the call sign of a German amateur station in the amateur service
  • In chemistry for thin layer chromatography
  • Drum Connection, the German music group
  • By a film director himself favored cut version, the director's so-called Cut
  • Delegates Commission, the first German umbrella organization for dog breeds
  • Dinner -canceling, a diet
  • Desert Combat, a modification for Battlefield 1942
  • The former type of train - City D- train
  • The number 600 in Roman numerals
  • Deputies Convent, formerly local groupings of Fraternities
  • The American comic book series Detective Comics

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