DCC Alliance

The DCC Alliance ( DCC Common Core ) is a coalition of organizations and individuals with the aim to create a common standard for debian based Linux distributions. This is to the commercial recognition of Debian systems are accelerated and accelerated world. Members founded in July 2005 DCC Alliance are almost all major debian -based projects such as Knoppix, Linspire, Progeny, SimplyMEPIS, Xandros, Linux users, and LinEx credativ.

From Linux Core Consortium for DCC Common Core

After the failure of United Linux, Mandrake, Conectiva, Turbolinux and Progeny closed on 16 November 2004 for Linux Core Consortium ( LCC) with the intention to support the Linux Standard Base (LSB 2.01) increased. The consortium invited Red Hat / Fedora, Novell / SUSE, Hewlett -Packard, Computer Associates and Sun Microsystems to accede, but all mentioned companies refused their support.

So it was again only when the intention. Because Mandriva and Turbolinux also did not agree, the LCC broke again. In July 2005, then looked Progeny as a driving force behind the old Linux Core Consortium for other partners to offer. It succeeded Progeny here, most important debian -based projects to rally and form from the LCC to DCC.

The original name " Debian Core Consortium " had been chosen on the basis of " Linux Core Consortium ". But to avoid confusion with the Debian project, there was a further name change to DCC Common Core.


  • The Debian project, which is the basic technical base of the Debian offshoot, is not a member of the Alliance. Thus, the most important, most competent and most active player in the Debian environment is missing. There is a lack other projects that are based on Debian, such as Ubuntu, the widely used.
  • There is so far only the Linux Standard Base managed to combine several distributors together. Neither United nor Linux LCC have been successful.