With DD -WRT is an open source (GPL ) Linux distribution, which also contains proprietary shares. It was much more for consumer wireless routers and access points of the company Asus, ALLNET, Belkin, Buffalo, Linksys, Netgear, Motorola, Siemens developed with Atheros, Broadcom or Ralink chipset.

End of 2006, support for professional wireless devices has been constantly expanding. Notably, the devices come at Wireless Internet Service Provider ( WISP ), internet service provider ( ISP) or campus wireless networks to use. When platforms are x86, Intel IXP, Atheros MIPS, MIPS and PowerPC Infineon ADM available. For some devices, one must purchase a paid license in the DD -WRT shop.

While OpenWrt clearly followed the bazaar development method, followed DD -WRT cathedrals method. The powerful web interface and the fact that DD -WRT is a semi- commercial project, make this clear. See an overview of the DD -WRT features.


Revision history

Emergence and development up to version 23

Linksys router used for their modified source code of the Linux kernel and other software that are available as freely available under the GNU General Public License ( GPL). This license, the modified source code must also be made ​​publicly available. As some designers found in June 2003, Linksys, however, had not made ​​available to the public the modified source code. They appealed to the manufacturers, provide free access to the source code. By publishing the source code in October 2003 it was possible to modify the operating system of the router again and develop. There are now several different versions ( spin-offs ) this firmware from different developers and with different emphases, which are also partly used proprietary.

In addition to DD -WRT also some other projects based originally on the now commercial Alchemy firmware from Sveasoft. Alchemy in turn is based on the original firmware from Linksys. Sebastian Gottschall aka BrainSlayer and some others, they developed further, added functions and stabilized the code. Up to Version v.22 from the July 2005 DD -WRT was still based on the Alchemy firmware. As of v.23, published in December 2005, the code was greatly enhanced. It was in part to the support of the OpenWrt project resorted ( JFFS2 and Kernel support by OpenWRT Project).

Support from commercial manufacturers

Some companies offer, among others, commercial support for DD -WRT in combination with their products. Buffalo Technology offers since 2010 on their wireless router high power series with pre-installed DD -WRT including support. ASUS allows customers since 2011 DD -WRT install on selected routers, and provides corresponding commercial support.