The abbreviation DDC stands for:

  • Dancefloor Destruction Crew, breakdance group from Schweinfurt
  • Data Device Corporation, a U.S. company for avionics equipment
  • Detroit Diesel Corporation
  • . NET Developers Conference, the developers of the event dotnetpro for. NET software developer
  • Dewey Decimal Classification, library Decimal
  • Deck Decompression Chamber, a decompression chamber
  • Digital Dispense controller, digital metering control is used eg for automated application of adhesives
  • Digital Down Converter
  • Direct Digital Control, a mostly equipped with a microprocessor control system for control tasks
  • Display Data Channel, a VESA standard for the video cable connection between the computer and the monitor
  • The IATA code for the Dodge City Regional Airport
  • DOPA decarboxylase, an enzyme of the cell metabolism
  • Double Disc Court, a Frisbee game type
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