DDL intercettazioni

Disegno di legge " intercettazioni » ( DDL short intercettazioni, Italian for, wiretapping bill ') is a bill that was discussed for adoption in October 2011 in Italy.

Gist is a limitation to the extensive wiretapping powers of Italian law enforcement authorities. End of the 1990s was far ahead of the Freiburg-based Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Italy with 76 arrangements for monitoring telecommunications per 100,000 inhabitants in an international comparison, according to a study. Of about 15,000 arranged monitoring in 1992 and 44,000 in 1996, the phone tapping increased to 124 326 in 2008.

The bill was proposed by the Cabinet to monitor Berlusconi IV in 2008 and presented by Justice Minister Angelino Alfano. He was endorsed in 2009 by the Chamber of Deputies, then modified by the Italian Senate and submitted in October 2011, again the House of Representatives for a vote.