The abbreviation DDL stands for:

  • Data Definition Language as part of a database language
  • Daughters of Divine Love, a Roman Catholic religious order
  • Description Definition Language, part of the MPEG-7 standard, see the MPEG-7 # main components
  • Det Danske Luftfartselskab, a Danish airline
  • German Democratic Legion, a volunteer corps formed by German emigrants in France, fought in April 1848 during the first phase of the March Revolution in the Grand Duchy of Baden
  • Device Description Language, a specification language in automation technology
  • Diacetyldihydrolutidine
  • Digital Direct for Linux, a software for the control of model railways
  • Diode - diode logic in the digital technology, mostly short- diode logic (DL) or diode-resistor logic (DRL)
  • Direct downloads fachsprachlich English for direct downloading of files
  • Dolby Digital Live
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