The acronym DDS stands for:

  • German Diabetes Foundation, a charitable foundation for the control of diabetes mellitus
  • German privacy seal, a seal, which certifies companies a compliant with the Federal Data Protection Act works
  • Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland, a research project on the history of Swiss foreign policy
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery ( DDS), an American professional title of dentist (also used internationally )

In engineering and computer science DDS stands for:

  • Digital Data Storage, a format of the magnetic tape storage
  • Direct Digital Synthesis, a digital method for generating analog signals
  • Direct Draw Surface, a file format for storing textures for 3 -D computer graphics
  • Dry Deck Shelter, a device on submarines to accommodate divers
  • Dynamic Dedicated Server, a special server type
  • Dynamic Drive Sharing, a special type of drive usage when backing up data
  • Data Distribution Service, a method of communication in distributed systems
  • Data definition specifications, a type of data description for program- described files
  • Deflation Detection System, Opel tire pressure loss monitoring system

In chemistry, DDS stands for

  • 4,4 ' -diaminodiphenyl sulfone, a drug and epoxy resin - hardener
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