De Bellis Antiquitatis

De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA ) is a tabletop control system, with which you can re-enact historical battles.

As pawns for DBA models from different manufacturers can be used. The control system is variable for different character sizes. It glues the pieces on base plates, which can be enlarged proportionally or less ( of course, all units in a game have the same scale ). Can be used, for example, plastic figures in 1:72 scale.

The control system for DBA is kept relatively simple. A game lasts about an hour. The game is played always with 12 units. In the rules you will find a large number of armies from the period between 3000 BC and 1500 AD to the armies, marked as to which enemy historically come into question. So you can be competing against each other, for example, Romans and Celts. Each army consists of different types of units, such as cavalry, swordsmen, spearmen or skirmishers.

There is also a version that is played online via the Internet.