Dean (education)

The Dean leads a faculty or a department of a university.


In Germany, a dean is chosen usually for a period of two to four years by the Faculty Council and Faculty Council. His teaching responsibilities are reduced. Given the increasing responsibility and complexity of the tasks in the management of a faculty or a department is increasingly discussed on full-time deans without teaching responsibilities, some high education legislation provides for this possibility.

The legal powers of the Dean vary by state and university and defined in State Higher Education Act. Generally include personnel and financial matters on how it will be given if specified in the constitution of the institution.

The dean signed the habilitation and promotion records and presented them to the public academic ceremonies.

Deputy Dean, the Vice Dean ( often the previous or subsequent dean ). In addition, there is usually a special envoy for the academic teaching, the academic dean; this office may be combined in principle, with the Vice Dean. Often, the Dean is now supported by a full-time director or the dean's office assistant.


On official occasions in college partly respectful, formal salutation [ your ] Spectability (from Latin spectabilitas, " respectability " ) is selected at traditional universities. Colleagues from the faculty use the salutation or spectabilis also Spectability.

United States

Comparable North American Title Dean indicates a similar activity. However, in the U.S. means the call to Dean a significant change in the career of academics concerned. Most own career starts in scientific management; in many cases, the North Americans their research activities after the appointment of a dean.


By 1968, the title of Doyen was used for the head of a school in France. This is in some universities traditionally still in use. From 1968 to 1984, the title directeur d' unité d' enseignement et de recherche (Director of Education and Research ) was elected. Currently, the title of directeur d' unité de formation et de recherche is (Director of Education and Research ) was used.