Deborah Warner

Deborah Warner CBE ( born May 12, 1959 in Oxfordshire, England) is a British theater and opera director.

At 21, Warner led already own theater company. In 1987 she came to the Royal Shakespeare Company and with only thirty years she was in-house director at the Royal National Theatre. She prefers classic tragedies of Sophocles to Shakespeare, but also in Büchner, TS Eliot and Beckett directed out.

In 1993, she took acting chief Peter Stein at the Salzburg Festival, where she directed Coriolanus starring Bruno Ganz in the title role. The turbulent production met with fierce public interest, but was panned by the press: " Ben Hur for the poor" ( The Mirror ) and "Native American Games in Shakespeare Corral " (Frankfurter Allgemeine ). Better response she got for her Salzburg guest performance in 1996 with Richard II, who panned before in London, had been hailed in Paris, however. The title role was played by Fiona Shaw, with which they combine many years of professional partnership. Shaw played in Warners productions also Hedda Gabler, the Electra and the " Medea, " and Brecht's " Mother Courage " and the good people of Szechwan.