December 27

The 27th of December is the 361st day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 362nd in leap years), thus four days remain until the end of the year.

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  • 0418: Part of the Roman clergy chooses Eulalius as the successor of the deceased on the day before Zosimus Pope. Since the next day also elected Boniface I. is explained by Emperor Honorius as the rightful pope, he is now regarded as anti-pope.
  • 0537: The Hagia Sophia was inaugurated in the presence of the Emperor Justinian I in Byzantium.
  • 1618: The Upper German Cistercian Congregation is founded.


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  • 2002: Carla Henius, German mezzo-soprano
  • 2002: George Roy Hill, American film director ( The Sting )
  • 2003: Alan Bates, British actor
  • 2004: Hank Garland, American guitarist
  • 2005: Herbert Kautz, Austrian politician
  • 2006: Pierre Delanoë, French chanson copywriter
  • 2006: Boris Guds, Russian writer
  • 2007: Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani Prime Minister, the world's first Muslim head of government
  • 2008: Heinrich Pommerenke, German thugs and serial killers
  • 2010: Peter Kreisky, Austrian social scientist
  • 2011: Michael Dummett, British philosopher and logician
  • 2012: Jesco von Puttkamer, German - American aerospace engineer and author
  • 2012: Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., American General

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  • Religious observances St. John the Evangelist, traditionally identified with the same apostle (Protestant, Catholic)

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