Dee Dee

Dee Dee is a Trance Formation of Belgium, which was founded in 2001. Tommie Kidjemet, Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen also behind projects like Ian Van Dahl and Lasgo. The first single Forever rose in Belgium immediately into top -3 of the dance charts. The single made ​​it into the charts internationally. The follow-up single The One was released shortly thereafter and was a minor hit in the UK. A planned for the summer of 2003 album was never released. The French version of Forever, pour toujours, became a hit in 2003 in France.

2008, a new version of the song The One with Mike Nero called The One 2009 has been published.

In 2009, the song "Love Will Raise Again " was released in conjunction with the 2 Vibez (2 Vibez feat. Dee Dee ), in which the typical Dee Dee singing with very melodic inserts for validity comes. So far the song in " Kindervater Edit " has been released only on the compilation " Future Trance ".

Soon after, also the song I Want You Back was released in cooperation with Ray & Snyder. The original versions (Original Mix and Radio Edit) Dee Dee this single were by Van Snyder ( Ray & Snyder ) produced.

Dee Dee published numerous remixes for Ian van Dahl and Revil O.



  • 2001: Forever
  • 2002: The One
  • 2003: Pour toujours
  • 2008: The One 2009 (Mike Nero feat Dee Dee. )
  • 2010: I Want You Back ( Dee Dee feat Ray & Snyder. )
  • 2010: The Day After ( Will I Be Free) ( Roni Meller feat Dee Dee. )