Defender of the Crown

Defender of the Crown is a 1986 computer game, released for the Amiga computer from Commodore.


Defender of the Crown was one of the most lavishly decorated strategy computer games the Amiga era. The game was conceived by Jim Sachs, programmed and marketed as the first product of the newly founded company Cinemaware. In particular, in the area of ​​graphics sat Defender of the Crown sets new standards. First, the Amiga version, fully utilizing the then leading graphic possibilities of this system appeared. The game was, however, brought so quickly to the market that some options like shooting with pitch and the Greek spirit fires were only possible in the PC, C64 and Atari ST version.

Scene of the action of the game is medieval England. Thematically and visually, it is based on the 1952 incurred by Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe Ivanhoe film - The black knight. In the tournament scene is loud Jim Sachs even a (very pixelated ) Elizabeth Taylor to be recognized.

After the assassination of King Richard and the theft of the royal crown England is in turmoil. In this situation, six Lords fight for supremacy in the country, the player finds himself in the role of one of the four Saxon Lords and has to cope with the most diverse, most action -heavy tasks held. In addition to the liberation of a virgin to make tasks such as jousting and shooting with his catapult. Even Robin Hood plays a role.

Later the game was successfully ported to many different platforms. 2002, the revision Digitally Remastered Edition came on the market in which the data of the original are included on different systems ( emulator must be downloaded separately ). Finally, in 2003 appeared the 3D revised and greatly expanded successor Robin Hood - Defender of the Crown. Here in the strategy game, the known frame story with Little John, Maid Marian, the Sheriff of Nottingham and the usurper Prince John is integrated.

The mix of RPG, strategy games and action game Defender of the Crown gave a wide audience, similar to the also newly launched Sid Meier 's Pirates!.