Defense Intelligence Agency

Deputy Director David R. Shedd

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA; German Defense Message Service) is a news service of the United States, which serves as the umbrella organization of the intelligence services of the four armed services Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.


  • Collecting, analyzing and forwarding findings of the intelligence services of the four branches of the armed forces for the U.S. Department of Defense. Army Intelligence (AI), Military Intelligence
  • Marine Corps Intelligence Activity ( MCIA ), News Service of the United States Marine Corps
  • Office of Naval Intelligence ( ONI ), Naval Intelligence
  • Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency ( ISR), Air Force News Service


The 1961 Robert McNamara laid down by the Directive 5105.21 DIA collects and analyzes information obtained by the intelligence services of the armed services and information are the lessons learned from the responsible decision makers in the Pentagon and the U.S. government as well as the task forces on.

Headquarters of the authority, both the Pentagon and the center for intelligence analysis on the Air Force Base Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC There are other sites as well as the military attaché affiliated items in the embassies of the United States.

The DIA consists of four main departments ( Directorates ) and their higher education Section:

  • Directorate for Human Intelligence ( DH)
  • Directorate for Analysis (DI )
  • Directorate for Intelligence Joint Staff (J2)
  • Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center ( DJIOC )
  • National Defense Intelligence College at the Joint Military Intelligence College


Known to the public this intelligence was measured by the global publishing the intercepted radio traffic between him by Soviet interceptors during launch of a Boeing 747 of Korean Airlines Flight 007 on September 1, 1983. 1993 the DIA active in Yugoslavia.

Since 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the parliamentary control of the DIA by the " Senate Select Committee on Intelligence " ( SSCI ) of the U.S. Senate and the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence ( HPSCI ) controls as a result of investigations by the Church Committee in the House of Representatives.

Budget of U.S. intelligence in 2013

According to a Washington Post report, the budget of all U.S. intelligence services together is currently 52.6 billion U.S. dollars. Subsequently, the five largest agencies are listed, their respective budgets, the Post has divided maintenance, data collection, data processing and utilization, and data analysis in the four categories.

Figures in billions of U.S. dollars