Defense (sports)

Under defense or defense in sport is defined as the part of a team that has mostly to do defensive duties and to ward off attacks of the enemy, or in martial arts handles and measures that mitigate or nullify the enemy's attack.


In ice hockey players of the defense include (also called Defense ) to the field players, therefore, only the two defensive players, but not the goalkeeper, counted for this team member. The number of defender may vary if a team plays in over or under the number.


In football, the goalkeeper and the defender ( center back, full-back, Libero ) are primarily responsible for the defense.

American Football

In American football, the players are for the Defense of the defensive line, the linebackers and the players, the backcourt defense ( Secondary), consisting of the cornerbacks and safetys, responsible. The defense is usually made ​​up of four players in the backcourt defense, four line backers and three players on the defensive line or three Linebackerm and four players on the defensive line. In certain game situations, when it is feared that the attacking team attempts a pass to achieve much space savings come at the expense of other defense components, an additional backcourt defender (Nickel Defense) or two additional backcourt defender ( Dime Defense ) are used. At feared running games of the attacking team, the defensive line can also be strengthened. The Defense always consists of 11 players.


In basketball, the Defense ( Defense ) is characterized mainly by two different tactics. In the zone defense, each player reveals each of his opponents, is currently in his own zone, depending on which player. In the man - man defense each player is assigned to exactly one opponent, this is guarded with the aim not to let him come to the action as possible. Is their own team in defense, it is common that the fans support them with " defense" calls. The phonetic similarity of the English word " defense" with the German " fans " here has performed in German basketball to some puns. To play eg fan clubs with names like "The fans -Defense" (Bonn) or " defans Bochum " with this condition.


In fencing we call the defensive measures parade. Here, the attempted strike or stab the enemy with your own defenses with the weapon is prevented.

Table tennis

In defense table tennis players try to force the attacking player with targeted backspin balls to errors. If the distance to the table using the balloon defense, in which the ball is played back as high as possible.

More fight

In a multi- fight is taken up in different disciplines against each other and evaluated the results obtained in each case with points. Does an athlete 's particular strengths in one of its final disciplines (eg: In the final 800 -meter sprint in the decathlon or heptathlon ), this discipline, because of the improvement opportunity the rank order of the competition concerning sports reporters as best discipline called (of parry ).


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