Degerfors IF

Degerfors IF is a Swedish football club based in Degerfor in Värmland. The men's team of the club played several years in the Allsvenskan and the Swedish cup winner in 1993.


Early years

Degerfors IF was founded in 1907. 1932 benefited the football team as a table fourth in the third division of an increase in the second division from two to four seasons and was promoted to the second division. Although the league was missed, but the home side's immediate resurgence. As a result, the team established in the league. After she failed 1937 season as winners in the rise of games at Helsingborgs IF, succeeded the following year by two victories against Malmö BI promotion to the Allsvenskan.

First years in the Allsvenskan

As Table Penultimate Degerfors IF missed the league due to goal difference against Örgryte IS. With 16 wins in 18 games this season, the club reached the promotion games, where he was able to prevail against IS Halmia in the following second division season. The winning streak continued in the Allsvenskan and with two points behind Helsingborgs IF succeeded the runner-up. In subsequent seasons, the team held in the middle of the table. In the 1950s, she mixed several times with in the championship race, 1954 lacked behind GAIS another two points to the title.

1956 missed Degerfors IF the league. Although the team played in Division 2 Svealand forward with, but in 1959 succeeded as a relay winner and subsequent successes against Landskrona BoIS in the rise of games to return to the Elite series. Here she struggled at first against the re descent before in the season in 1963 behind IFK Norrköping managed the runner-up. The performance could not be confirmed, and three years later the club had descended again.

Lift club between second and third league

After several years in the second division Degerfors IF missed in 1971 also there in the league. After the direct re-emergence in 1974 could once again not be avoided the descent. In the following years the team failed repeatedly only in the promotion round before 1978 managed to return to the second division. The reputation as a lift team was cemented when in 1981 was once again on the descent to beech, which was followed by the 1983 revival. This time gave the team four years in the second league and entered 1987 as a severed tail light again from.

Return to the top flight

1990 Degerfors IF returned as winner of Season Division 2 Västra on to the second division. 1992 after qualifying on the rise playing for Allsvenskan, after an 1:3 away defeat succeeded by a 2-0 home success against Djurgårdens IF on the away goals rule, the return to excellence.

In the season 1993 Degerfors IF found in a relegation battle again. As a third- Last team had to play in the relegation, but was able to prevail by two 2-1 victories against IFK Hässleholm. The season was also crowned by the first title in the club's history. In the Cup Final in Gothenburg Landskrona BoIS was clearly defeated 3-0. In Europe Cup Winners' Cup 1993/94 the team survived nachzwei victories against Sliema Wanderers the qualifying round, but then failed in the first round to the eventual finalists AC Parma.

In the following years, Degerfors IF placed in mid-table. After five years of major league football club in the season 1997 suffered as a table next to last the renewed descent and two years later. Than Table ninth in Division 1 Norra victim of a league reform By combining a single-track second division the team was relegated to the third division.

Again unterklassig

In the third division Degerofs IF played with in the front area and missed 2003 as the runner-up of Division 2 Västra Svealand 's re-emergence. A year later succeeded the season and victory in the rise of games to put the team against Umeå FC by. In the Superettan the team initially managed to avoid relegation, but get into the 2008 only five wins this season. As Table Degerfors IF were relegated in the sequence again in the third division; increased as a table first in 2009 but soon returned to the Superettan on.


The club inaugurated in 1938, when he ascended into the Allsvenskan, the new stadium Stora Valla one that today offers 12,500 spectators, among others, to 800 seats place. 1963, the attendance record was set with 21 065 paying supporters during a game against IFK Norrköping.

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