Deining is a municipality in the Upper Palatinate district of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz.

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Geographical Location

The municipality is situated approximately 8 km southeast of Neumarkt, in the valley of the White Laber.

Community structure

The municipality has 31 Deining officially named districts:

  • Arzthofen
  • Bakers mill
  • Büglmühle
  • Deining
  • Deining Station
  • Dollwang
  • Graßahof
  • Großalfalterbach
  • Hacklberg
  • Kleinalfalterbach
  • Körndlhof
  • Circle mill
  • Laber mill
  • Lengenbach
  • People Bach
  • Mitter Thal
  • Oberbuchfeld
  • Pirkach
  • Rossa mill
  • Rothfels
  • Sallmannshausen village
  • Victory Mayrhofen
  • Victory Hofer mill
  • Sippelmühle
  • Sternberg
  • Strauss mill
  • Tauernfeld
  • Thannbügl
  • Unterbuchfeld
  • Walter Berg
  • Waltershof


1072 was the first official mention by Bishop Gundekar II of Eichstätt ( Pontifical Gundekarianum ). A re- consecration of the church took place under Bishop Otto of Eichstätt ( 1182-1195 ).

The Barons of Lowenthal had here in 1692 an open Hofmark; previously sat on the castle or the castle of Deining ( since the 17th century, a simple two-story building with a small tower on the east side ) 1345 Hartung Schweppermann, in the 15th and 16th centuries the Itlhofer and after them other noble families. 1844 was the ownership of the Baron of Gumppenberg top Brennberg, later to the family of Gumppenberg.

1733 the present church was rebuilt according to the plans of the Amberger master builder George Diller; 1749 stucco was completed.

1796 was defeated in the Battle of Deining the army of the French Republic under General Jean -Baptiste de Jourdan of the Imperial Austrian army under Archduke Charles.

Deining belonged to Rentamt Amberg and the Neumarkt district court of the Electorate of Bavaria. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818 the community.

With 29 districts and almost 72 km ² municipality, the municipality Deining on the typical characteristics of a rural area community.


On 1 January 1976, the until then independent municipality Oberbuchfeld was incorporated. On 1 July 1976, added Kleinalfalterbach. Dollwang, Großalfalterbach, people Bach, Mitter Thal, Unterbuchfeld and Walter Berg followed on 1 May 1978.


Local elections 2008

Mayor Election 2008:

  • Alois Scherer ( CSU): 1,513 ( 60.74 %)
  • Axel Nährig (SPD ): 978 ( 39.26 %)

Alois Scherer was thus confirmed in his position as mayor.

City Council 2008:

  • CSU: 9 seats
  • SPD: 5 seats
  • CDU: 2 seats

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Divided of red and gold, the top one with blue Wolkenfeh occupied silver tray, bottom three oblique beams of them asked, six-pointed blue stars " The emblem has been used since 1974.

Culture and sights


  • Parish Church of St. Willibald in Deining
  • St. Alban 's Church in Dollwang
  • Railway bridge over the White Laber at Deining Station

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Economy and infrastructure


By Deining the Federal Highway 8 runs from Regensburg to Neumarkt, it intersects here with the state road from Frey city after Velburg. The Federal Highway 3 runs to the east of the church, in the district of Velburger Lengenfeld is the exit Velburg.

In the district Deining Station ( about 3 miles as the crow flies) is the breakpoint Deining ( Upper Palatinate ) on the railway line between Nuremberg and Regensburg. Regional trains run from agilis from here every hour to Neumarkt, Regensburg Hbf and Plattling. The OVF operates several bus routes to Neumarkt, Velburg and Seubersdorf. The entire township is also part of the regional transport system Nuremberg, the railway line in the direction of Regensburg Regensburg Transport Association.

Established businesses

  • TOI TOI & DIXI Sanitary Systems


  • Georg Lang ( church painter )