Deira was a anglisches small kingdom in England, which was historically comprehensible in the 6th century. In the course of this century the British Empire Ebrauc was absorbed and in the early 7th century, the British Empire also Elmet. Together with the northern Bernicia Deira formed later Northumbria.


It stretched from the Humber to the Tyne. However, the area north of the tea was uninhabited. The name Deira is British, that is Celtic, origin, and is either from the word deifr ( water) or daru (oak) derived.

Little is known about the establishment of the first Anglian settlements. Deira was populated by fishing since the mid-5th century. Soemel (fl. 450 ), an ancestor of the later King Aelle ( 560-588/590 ) is said to have been achieved according to the Historia Brittonum Deira from the British Empire Bryneich and may have founded the kingdom anglische in Deira. Anglische conquerors settled well in the third quarter of the 5th century, the valley of the River Derwent and laid the foundations for the later Deira. Has the Anglo-Saxon Deira that but from an existing political unit British character developed, is commonly assumed. York seems to have been taken in the first half of the 6th century by the Kingdom of Deira.

The first recorded king was Aelle, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle According became king in the year 560. Probably took ASES advances in the populated valley of the River Wharfe British. After his death around 588 Deira initially fell to Æthelric and then to Æthelfrith of Bernicia, who united the two kingdoms and created the conditions for the rise of Northumbria. Deira was under King Edwin a part of Northumbria. Even after the unification of Deira, however provisionally retained its own identity. Unique, custom kings of Deira for union with Bernicia to Northumbria are occupied. In times of weakness Bernicias own kings were located in Deira in the first half of the 7th century repeatedly establish. This was after King Edwin of Northumbria like 633 and was divided into two parts, Deira briefly under King Osric became independent again. After the death of King Oswald at the Battle of maser field 642 Deira gained a degree of independence under its own king Oswine. Even after Deira had been permanently absorbed under the rule Oswius in the Kingdom of Northumbria, this trend persisted to independence, as Deira was governed for several decades, not directly by the central government, but had its own sub- kings who were subordinate to the king of Northumbria. It was only during the reign of King Ecgfriths this special role of Deira was finally finished.

Kings of Deira

The dates are approximate and may vary slightly from the correct information.

  • Aelle 560-588/590
  • Æthelric 588-593
  • Æthelfrith 593-616
  • Edwin 616-633
  • Osric 633-634
  • Oswald 634-642 (Deira under control Bernicias )
  • Oswine 642/643-651
  • Oswiu 651-670 ( final union with the Kingdom of Northumbria )
  • Æthelwald c.651 -655 ( sub- king of Deira)
  • Ealhfrith c.655 -664 ( sub- king of Deira)
  • Ecgfrith c. 664-670 ( sub- king in Deira, King of Northumbria from 670 )
  • Ælfwine 670-679 (last sub- king of Deira)

Genealogy of the Kings of Deira

The family tree of the dynasty kings are highlighted in bold.

Mythical origin

Mythical ancestors after the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: and the Anglian Collection:

  • Frithowulf Woden Waddy ( Wegdæg ) Seagar ( Siggar ) Swaddy ( Suebdæg ) Sigeat ( Siggeot ) Sebbald ( Sæbald ) Sæfugul ( " Sea Bird" ) ( Seomel ) Westorualcna ( "West Hawk " ) Wilgis ( Wilgils ) Uscfrea ( Wuscfrea ) Yffi Aelle

Mythical ancestors according to the Historia Brittonum:

  • Woden Beldeg brond Siggar ( Siggar ) Sibald ( Sæbald ) Zegulf Soemil ( Soemel ) Sguerthing Giulglis ( Wilgis, Wilgils ) Ulfrea ( Wuscfrea ) Iffi ( Yffi ) Aelle
  • Ælfric
  • Eadwine 2 sons

Historical Dynasty

  • Aelle Acha ∞ Æthelfrith ( 593-616 )
  • Edwin ( 616-633 ) ∞ I. Cwenburh, daughter of the King of Mercia ceorl ∞ II Æthelburg († 647 ), daughter of King Aethelberht I of Kent (see Oiscingas ) Eanflæd (* 625 ) ∞ Oswiu ( 642-670 )
  • Osfrith Yffi
  • Hereric (parents unknown, nephew of Edwin ) ∞ Breguswith Hilda of Whitby, Saints
  • Hereswitha ∞ Æthelhere (see Wuffinger )
  • Osric ( 633-634 ) Oswine ( 642-651 )