Delfi - C3 ( also OSCAR 64, DO- 64) is a Dutch technology testing and amateur radio satellite.

Structure and Mission

Delfi - C3 has been designed and built by the Delft University of Technology. He is a nano satellite and was built after the CubeSat architecture. It consists of three Cubesateinheiten ( 3U ). The satellite was the education of students, the space testing of thin-film solar cells and the commissioning of a 40 kHz wide linear transponder for Zweiwegverbindungen by radio amateurs.

He was on 28 April 2008 with an Indian PSLV - C9 rocket together with the main payload Cartosat -2A and the satellite CanX 2, CUTE -1.7 APD II, AAU Cubesat 2, COMPASS -1, SEEDS 2 and Ruby 8 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre started out in a low Earth Orbit. After the start of the satellite was known as OSCAR 64.

His COSPAR designation is 2008 - 021G.