Deming Prize

The Deming Prize is an award by a Japanese association since 1950 Award for outstanding achievements in the field of quality management.

History and Concept

Under the name Deming Prize awards are presented to companies and individuals since July 1950 by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers ( JUSE ) annually, which rendered outstanding services in the field of total quality management. While initially only Japanese companies were awarded the prize, the prize was opened in 1984 and for companies overseas.

There is no predetermined number of potential prize winners, but the award is given to all nominees who reach at least a certain number of points in the considered by the jury categories. Candidates for the price, do not yet meet the requirements, still have twice the ability to score in the context of a "continuing observation " to achieve by the JUSE over the course of three years.

The award ceremony was installed in honor of its namesake William Edwards Deming, who had in 1950 in Japan kept acclaimed seminars on quality management, thus giving impetus to various improvements in this area.

Prize winners (selection)

Deming Application Prize

Deming Prize For Individuals

Quality Control Award For Operations Business Units

Japan Quality Medal