In the Office Demmin country located in the office free town of Demmin 16 municipalities are merged to complete their administrative business. The Office extends to the north of the county Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ).

The Office, which exists since 1994, originally belonged to eleven municipalities. On 1 June 2004, five formerly independent places were incorporated: Hohenbrünzow (after Hohenmocker ) Quitzerow (after Kletzin ) Sanzkow (after Siedenbrünzow ) Teusin (after Utzedel ) Wotenick (after Demmin ). A month later, the 10 municipalities of the defunct Office Borrentin were new in the Office of Demmin country.

The municipalities with its districts

  • Beggerow with Buschmühl, Gatschow, Glendelin, Johann height and Kaslin
  • Borrentin with Gnevezow, Lindenhof, Metschow, Moltzahn, Pentz, Schwichtenberg and Wolkwitz
  • Hohenbollentin
  • Hohenmocker with Hohenbrünzow, Peeselin, Sternfeld, Strehlow and Tentzerow
  • Kentzlin with Kentzlin Old and New Kentzlin
  • Kletzin with Pensin, Quitzerow and Ueckeritz
  • Lindenberg with Hasseldorf Kruse and Mark Hagen
  • Meesiger with Gravelotte
  • Nossendorf with Annenhof, Medrow, Toitz and Folk Village
  • Sarov with Gansch village, Gehmkow and Törpin
  • Schönfeld with Hohenfelde Trittelwitz
  • Siedenbrünzow with Eugenienberg, Leppin, Sanzkow, Vanselow and Zachariae
  • Summer village with New Summer Village
  • Utzedel with Leistenow, Dorotheenhof, Roidin and Teusin
  • Verchen
  • Warrenzin with Beestland, Upost and Volkov


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