Democratic Alliance (Greece)

The Dimokratiki Symmachia (Greek Δημοκρατική Συμμαχία, Democratic Alliance ') was a liberal party in Greece. It was founded on November 21, 2010 by Dora Bakogianni and put their political work one in May 2012.


Because of their willingness in principle, in contrast to the official Party line of the center-right New Democracy party to support the reform policy of the government, the former Foreign Minister Dora Bakogiannis was excluded in early July 2010 from the ND. After the New Democracy party was unsuccessful in the regional and local elections, Bakogianni founded a new bourgeois party called " Democratic Alliance ". The founding congress of the party took place in May 2011.

Representation in parliament

In the Greek Parliament, the party was represented by the following Members:

  • Dora Bakogianni
  • Lefteris Avgenakis
  • Georgios Kontogiannis
  • Christos Marko Giannis

The deputy Kostas Kiltidis has once again left the party. Since the number of Deputies was less than 10, the Democratic Alliance had no faction status.

The party had a deputy in the European Parliament:

  • Thodoros Skylakakis. He first belonged to as ND - member of the Christian Democrat - Conservative EPP Group, but then came the end of May 2011 in the liberal ALDE group on.

Political positions

As set out in its founding declaration, the Democratic Alliance understood politically centrist movement that was ideologically inspired by the anthropocentric values ​​of humanism and the Enlightenment, rational thinking, personal freedom from economic, political and social freedom of liberalism as a substructure of social justice. She was also influenced by the struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries for social solidarity in Europe.

From the party positions were represented among others, the following:

  • Drastic reduction of taxes by introducing a 20% flat tax. This tax rate should apply not only to people with low incomes, as it would be complemented by a system that replaces the currently existing tax cuts with negative taxation.
  • Reducing the number of officials and the abolition of tenure for newly Adjusted to allow the government to manage with two-thirds of the current staff. This would be connected to increased salaries for the remaining ones, which are based on performance evaluations.
  • A law that the union committed in the public service to work.
  • Introduction of the secret ballot in all decisions about strikes.
  • Introduction of a voucher -based education system.

In the parliamentary elections in May 2012 the DIM.SY. failed However, with a voting share of 2.55 % at the three- percent threshold of the Greek electoral law. After this failure, the party agreed for the election on 17 June 2012 with the New Democracy party to join the forces of both parties. The DIM.SY. invited its supporters to vote New Democracy.