Democratic Alternative (Malta)

The Democratic Alternative ( Alternattiva Demokratika, AD, English Democratic Alternative) is a green political party in Malta and a member of the European Green Party.

The Alternattiva Demokratika was founded in 1989 after the chairman and the leader of the Malta Labour Party, Toni Abela and Wenzu Mintoff, had resigned from their positions to form a group of environmental activists a new political party.

In the first part in a national election, the party won 1.7 % of the vote in 1992, but no seat in the Maltese Parliament. In the following elections, the share of the vote decreased, respectively, in 2003 it was only 0.7 %. This meant that in 1998 Abela and Mintoff left the party again to return to the Labour Party; new party leader was Harry Vassallo.

In 2003 AD campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum made ​​for Malta's accession to the European Union.

The first European election, took part in the Malta, the party in 2004 was remarkable 9.3% of the vote, however, was able to provide any of the five Maltese MEPs.

For the general elections in Malta 2008 AD improved its vote to 1.3 % in the European elections in Malta in 2009 they came to their surprise success in 2004 losses of nearly seven percentage points to 2.4%. In the parliamentary elections of 2013, the party won 1.8 % of votes. She also currently holds one seat each in the city councils of Attard, Sliema and Sannat.