Democratic Congress Alliance

The Democratic Congress Alliance ( DCA ) ( German Democratic Congress Alliance) was a democratic political party in Gambia.


The Democratic Congress Alliance was created in 1960 in the British colony of Gambia from the merger of the two parties Gambia Democratic Party (GDP) and the Gambia Muslim Congress (GMC ). The intention of the two former party leaders Reverend John Colley Faye and Ibrahima Garba - Jahumpa Momodou was the establishment of a strong political force. 1960 should be held for the first time the general election after the protectorate and the colony were merged. The newly formed party had thereby compete with the United Party (UP) and People's Progressive Party (PPP ).

However, only three candidates were elected to the parliamentary elections to the House of Representatives. 1961 made ​​the leader of the DCA an offer a deal with the PPP, which was led by the later President Dawda Jawara to take - which should not be a merger but. At the elections in 1962 the DCA formed a coalition with the PPP, the DCA could win a seat in the expanded House of Representatives.

Political differences between Garba - Jahumpa and Faye led to the speedy resolution of the party. Garba - Jahumpa continued on his way to the newly formed Gambia Congress Party ( GCP), the rest of the DCA was in 1965 in the PPP.

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