Democratic Union (Poland)

The Unia Demokratycza (German Democratic Union; UD) was a party in Poland.

The Unia Demokratycza was founded in 1990 by Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki to forces, who had held the party chairman, 1991-1994. She represented a socially liberal, founded on the strengthening of civil rights policy in conjunction with a social market economy. In addition, it was based on Christian principles. By 1993, the UD was involved in several coalition governments.

In the first free elections to the Sejm in 1991 it was with 12.32 % of votes strongest faction.

In 1994, the Unia Demokratyczna (UD ) together with the Liberal Democratic Congress ( KLD ) to the newly established Unia Wolności ( UW).

In 2005, the Unia Wolności was finally transformed to the Democratic Party (PD).

Well-known political figures within the UD were among others Geremek, Jacek Kuroń, Adam Michnik and Suchocka.

Election results to the Sejm

Unia Demokratycza:

Unia Wolności: