Democrats in Norway

Demokratene ( German: ' The Democrats ') is a conservative or right-wing populist Norwegian splinter party.

The party was founded on 24 August 2002 in Oslo. The party is Euro skeptical and advocates limiting immigration to Norway. It advocates, among others, the closure of all Norwegian mosques that do not distance themselves from terrorism. Among the best known party activists include former Stortingspolitiker January Simonsen and anti- immigration activist Christians Krogvig. The party won the parliamentary election in 2005 2.706 votes (0.1% ), 2009 it reached 2,285 votes ( 0.1%).

Since the 2011 Fylketing - election the party is represented with one seat in the parliament of the province of Vest- Agder. Chairman since 2012 Elisabeth Rue Strencbo, which had been previously excluded from the Fremskrittspartiet year.