Denis Law

Denis Law (2011)

Denis Law ( born February 24, 1940 in Aberdeen, Scotland ) is a former Scottish footballer. He played from the late 1950s to the early 1970s for Huddersfield Town ( 1956-1960 ), Manchester City (1960 /61), AC Torino (1961 /62), Manchester United ( 1962-1973 ) and Manchester City (1973 / 74). With Manchester United he won the 1963 FA Cup and 1965 and 1967, the English championship. In 1964 he was voted European Footballer of the Year.


As a 15 -year-old law left his Scottish home to England and joined the second division club Huddersfield Town. At age 17, he signed a professional contract in the team of Bill Shankly, who formed a striker with assertiveness from the lanky youngster. Already in his first international match on 18 October 1958 ( aged 18 years ) Law made ​​the 3-0 over Wales as a scorer 's attention. 1960 Law passed from Huddersfield and moved to Manchester City. Only a year later, the Scotsman regarded as extremely enterprising left the British Isles and joined the AC Torino. But even here, he did not stay long and moved in the following year returned to England to Manchester United.

Here his career was yet to come in the right mood. At the end of his first season he won the FA Cup after he scored the decisive goal in the final against Leicester City. In Manchester, a strong team to Bobby Charlton, George Best and Law developed. At the peak of his he was regarded as a striker, who quickly struck capital from every error of the opponent. In 1964 he was chosen by the sports journalists European Footballer of the Year. 1965 ManUnited secured the English championship. The team of the " Old Trafford " was again two years later at the top of the league and have scored 1968 in the European Cup of Champions furore: Law shot his club into the final, but where he could not participate due to a knee surgery. The team won without him 4-1 against Benfica. After this success, it went downhill with the team. In 1969, legendary coach Matt Busby adopted resigned from the club. Law remained until 1973, before moving to local rivals Manchester City. Ironically, a hit of Law condemned United 1974 relegation to the second division.

For the Scottish national football team of veteran seemed in 1973 to be too old, but as the World Cup qualifiers was at stake, team manager Willie Ormond brought him back. Law thanked for the confidence and led his team to a 2-1 success in the decisive match against Czechoslovakia. At the World Cup tournament in Germany the veteran was in the game against Zaire (2-0 for Scotland) for the 55th and last time the national jersey. He is together with Kenny Dalglish scorer with 30 goals in his country.

Today Denis Law works as a co-commentator for television and radio.