Denis Lenoir

Denis P. Lenoir ( born February 1949 in Paris ) is a French cinematographer.


A native of Paris Denis P. Lenoir studied for his degree in art history at the École du Louvre two years Medicine, where he studied medicine less, as seen in this period, over 1000 movies and to discover his love for the cinema, which is why he decided against a job as an English teacher at a school and to study at the film school École Louis Lumière. Originally Lenoir wanted to be a director, so he does not care about the camera system and after graduating out of necessity started a job as a camera assistant. After he initially showed no neither talent nor interest in this work, it was later a job as a cameraman for commercials and the knowledge of how light can affect images, resulting in Lenoir increasingly attracted to the camera being.

From the mid- 1980s Lenoir turned first French films, and from the mid- 1990s he moved to Los Angeles, where he among other movies like Thursday - Righteous Kill shot - A deadly day, 88 minutes and Short process. However, he was also the French film preserved and most recently shot films like Paris, je t'aime, The Sleeping Beauty and Carlos - The Jackal.

Filmography (selection)