Dennis Orcollo

  • 8-Ball World Cup: Victory (2011)
  • 9-Ball Championship: semi-finalist (2011)
  • 14/1 World Cup: Quarter Finalist (2007)
  • U.S. Open (9- Ball): Finalist (2012 )
  • WPM: Victory (2010)

Dennis Orcollo ( born January 28, 1979 in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur ) is a Filipino pool player.


His first major successes came in 2006 when he, inter alia, won the Reno Open and the World Pool League.

In 2007 he made ​​it to the finals of the 8- ball Championships, where he but his compatriot Ronato Alcano defeated. Also at the World Cup in 14 and 1 endless he made it to the quarter-finals, but where he lost to eventual champion Oliver Ortmann. In 2008, he won a highly doped tournament with the Qatar World Open 9- ball already.

At the World Cup of Pool 2009 he reached the semi-finals together with Ronato Alcano as Team Philippines 1. A year later he won the World Pool Masters 2010. Another year, he won the 8-Ball Championship. In the 2011 9 -Ball Championships him the jump succeeded to the semifinals, where he lost to compatriot Ronato Alcano.