Denominación de Origen

D.O. ( Denomination of Origin ) is a denomination of origin of Spanish products such as cheese, sausage, ham or vegetables and in particular of Spanish wine. Here it corresponds approximately to the French or the German VDQS QbA and captures the most famous classical wines of Spain. Today there are over 60 D.O.s (currently 66). Each D.O. together with the local administration and the INDO decided on issues of quality control, such as income and grape varieties.

A classification with stricter requirements than the DO is the denomination of origin Calificada (DOC or DOCa. ), which was introduced in Rioja in 1991. The production rules of this " classified " designation of origin lay precisely delimited growing areas, the Rebsortiment, maximum amounts fixed income etc.. Since 2001 the cultivation area priory may the appellation DOC wear.

As D.O. / D.O.C. / D.O.Ca. classified are currently in Spain following wine regions:

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